11 “The Power of Moments” Quotes to Inspire and Get You Thinking

The Power of Moments is filled with quotes and stories that truly get you thinking. It opened my mind to insights into the true power of moments in time, and to the idea that specific moments (both the good and bad) are what truly define us.

Although the book has a business angle, in light of this blog, I pulled quotes that show how we can access this “power” in an everyday way.

Rose colored contents:

So, here are The Power of Moments quotes that stood out to me most:

1. “Defining moments shape our lives, but we don’t have to wait for them to happen. We can be the authors of them.”

The authors teach that we can create the moments that we desire. It might take a bit (or a lot!) of work, but we’re at the helm and can put in the effort to create precisely what we desire.

2. “What’s indisputable is that when we assess our experiences, we don’t average our minute-by-minute sensations. Rather, we tend to remember flagship moments: the peaks, the pits, and the transitions.”

This was fascinating! Many daily experiences disappear from our memories. But, we selectively remember the big moments, so it’s worth planning and creating them as we’d like!

3. “Some moments are vastly more meaningful than others. The Popsicle Hotline is a 15-minute experience that pops out of the surrounding 2-week vacation.”

The authors describe a hotel called the “Magic Castle.” They describe that the overall setting and decor of the hotel are standard, except for one thing: A red phone mounted to a wall next to the pool. 

When a guest picks up the phone, a voice says, “Hello! Popsicle Hotline here. How can I help you?” An employee then delivers popsicles to children and adults at the pool.

The singular experience of the Popsicle Hotline is so memorable. It creates a lasting memory for guests.

4. “For this book, a defining moment is a short experience that is both memorable and meaningful. What are these moments made of?” Elevation, Insight, Pride, and Connection.

This The Power of Moments quote describes how defining moments are created. The authors share that a defining moment doesn’t have to be one of the biggest, like getting married or having a baby. There are smaller defining moments (aka popsicle hotline) that matter too.

5. “Elevation: Defining moments that rise above the every day.”

Think of moments that you’ve loved, and think of how you can create more of them in your life.

Recently, I’d have to say that my 50th birthday party was one of those moments. I was so excited, I was practically giddy! It’s a peak memory that will stay with me.

Items in your treasure chest in this area might include: “A love letter. A ticket stub. A well-worn T-shirt. Haphardaradly colored cards from your kids that make you smile with delight.”

6. “Insight: Defining moments rewire our understanding of ourselves or the world. In a few seconds to minutes, we realize something that might influence our lives for decades.”

Very recently, I was very moved at a book launch event a few weeks ago. The author shared a story of becoming a writer in her second half. In a moment I felt a wave of excitement. Her perspective influenced far more than she could imagine.

Items might include: “Quotes or articles that moved you Books that changed your view of the world. Diaries that captured your thoughts.” For me, an item would be the signed copy of her book.

7. “Pride: Defining moments capture us at our best – moments of achievement, moments of courage.”

Do you have any ideas about this? 

I remember the day I discovered a practice in Boston, and knew I was going to buy it and relocate. It was a surreal moment, and I felt so aligned with my greater purpose.

The Power of Moments quote suggests items may include: “Ribbons, report cards, notes of recognition, certificates, thank-you notes, awards.”

8. Connection: Defining moments are social: weddings, graduations, baptisms, vacations, work triumphs, bar and bat mitzvahs, speeches, and sporting events.

This one is easy to understand.

We took a lovely vacation to Captiva island with my family in February. However, one moment stood out to me.

We were all gathered on the beach at sunset, lining up to take group photos. Something about the lighting, the breeze, and having all of us together touched me deeply.

It was a magical moment of connection with my family.

Items for this might include “Wedding photos. Vacation photos. Family photos. Christmas photos with hideous sweaters. Lots of photos. Probably the first thing you’d grab if your house caught on fire.”

9. “It’s going to be harder than you think to build peaks. But once you’ve done it, you’re going to consider every ounce of effort worth it. You will have created your defining moment.”

The authors describe two friends who want to see the Northern Lights. They soon realized it would take a lot of work! Yet, if they could take the time off, organize travel, etc., it would be worth every moment to experience that shared moment together.

10. “Researchers have found that if you conduct a gratitude visit, you feel a rush of happiness afterward – in fact, it’s one of the most pronounced spikes that have been found in any positive psychology intervention.”

This quote from The Power of Moments describes a moment where a son writes a note to his mother, thanking her for everything she’s done to help him achieve his dreams. The son even reads the letter aloud to her.

In doing so, he experiences a rush of immense happiness and gratitude that fills his heart. Interestingly, he also carries the feeling of gratitude inside him for a long time afterward.

11. “And that’s the charge for all of us: to defy the forgettable flatness of everyday work and life by creating a few precious moments.”

This The Power of Moments quote comes from a section in the book where the authors describe a terrible story of a young girl contracting E.coli. The bacteria impacts her kidneys and heart, forcing her to be hospitalized for several months while awaiting a donor.

Then one day, a patient care associate tried something new. She brought in a bucket of snow for the little girl to eat. (She needed to stay hydrated.) The girl’s entire face lit up when she saw the snow!

The look of sheer happiness and delight made such an impact on those in the room.

Shortly after, the girl received a kidney transplant and went on to thrive. Later, her father said that he would never forget that moment in the hospital with the snow. It had touched him so deeply

Wrapping it up:

So it’s the little (and big!) moments that matter most! We don’t need to strive for the perfect family vacation or birthday party. We’re better off thinking ahead of the moment we hope to experience during those occasions and doing everything we can to make them happen!

What moments are you hoping for this summer? There’s still time to plan some right now!



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