welcoming spring

Welcoming Spring Season – Embrace Spectacular New Colors and Fresh Dewy Mornings

Today marks the beginning of a new season! Spring is officially here. And it’s here to open the door to fresh new starts for us all. It may not have been a bitter winter for you (our’s was mild here in Boston)! Still, let’s discover ways of welcoming spring season this year with arms wide open.

Here are some thoughts to remember:

sun rising on a spring day in Amsterdam

Sunrise over Amsterdam

Spring’s arrival brings vibrant new colors for you to embrace.

Nature is always our greatest teacher. (Sometimes I wonder if that’s part of the reason Yellowstone is so popular. Deep down, I think we all realize there is so much to learn from the natural world around us.)

Try stopping to notice the new buds emerging from dormant plants and trees all around you. These colors are nature’s way of showing us that there is always new life and color to look forward to just around the corner.

There’s a feeling of incredible newness everywhere. We can appreciate the miracle of rebirth. And maybe even discover new ideas for ourselves right about now, too.

Take the time to truly notice and appreciate the multitude of fresh new colors this spring.

spring morning - sun rising over spring meadow

The crisp, early mornings welcome us in the spring. 

Longer days mean earlier, brighter mornings. And there’s nothing like the freshness of a dewy spring morning. Maybe set your alarm earlier to take full advantage of this time. Intentionally plan to drink your coffee while watching the sunrise.

Maybe consider meditating outside if you can. Get out for a walk with your dog in the early morning sunshine. Breathe in the fresh air. And embrace the beginning of this season with unabashed early morning awe.

coffee and flowers on a clear spring morning

We can clear our minds and spaces this spring season.

Take this opportunity to really clear mental, physical, and emotional spaces this spring. Although the new year begins in January, in many ways, nature urges us to consider spring as the beginning of the year.

Learn how to spring clean your mind and plant seeds for new beginnings. Now is the time to take stock of your mental clutter and make that change you’ve been wanting to make.

Maybe consider a making a new vision board? Or write down a few new affirmations? Begin a new self-care practice, like writing morning pages to clear your mind of thoughts that no longer serve you. Consider revamping your personal care daily routine.

And what about your space? Now is a great time for spring cleaning your closet. It doesn’t have to be a task we all dread! Try following Kate’s steps and feel lighter and more energized after you tackle your closet. As a reward, bring in some new stylish spring looks to enjoy this season. You deserve it!

For a special spring meditation, try Chopra’s “come alive this season” to help usher in the promise of new beginnings.

Spring weather is here- sundress season is back

Welcoming spring season means knowing warmer weather is here to stay.

The warmer weather is what we’ve all been waiting for and what we’re probably most excited about! Interestingly, it’s scientifically proven that sunshine actually does make us happier.

Vitamin D plays a role in releasing important chemicals that enhance our mood while also encouraging deeper and better sleep.

We crave this warm weather, and now is our chance to get outside and enjoy it every day.

Spring season in full bloom with bench under pink sakura tree

Garden bench under pink sakura

Welcome spring by planting your own small garden.

Now is the time to clean out your window boxes and plan your new designs. In my early 30s, I bought an old victorian home, and truly my favorite event of the year was planting the window boxes every spring.

All season long and into the summer, I watched the geraniums and verbena blossom and reached out toward the sunlight.

I always planted ivy and watched it gracefully grow. And by august, it would extend from the second story all the way down to the wide plank front porch on the main level.

The simple things often bring the most joy! This is the time, and the season, to stop and notice them.

Before you plant your window boxes, make sure you know what your flowers mean. The secret language of flowers is fascinating!

For this new season, do you have any spring rituals? I’d love to hear.

Now’s the time for a natural fresh start. What do you have in mind?


(This post was originally published on April 1, 2021, and has been updated for increased thoroughness and clarity.)

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