Welcoming Spring Season!

Welcoming the spring season has never been so much fun! After this long-haul winter, we’re more than ready to fill our world with color and inject some vibrancy into life again! With fresh floral tones filling the air and the longer days ahead, we want to celebrate this wonderful season and share everything we love about spring. 

sun rising on a spring day in Amsterdam

Beautiful image of sunrise over Amsterdam

The Colors of Spring

Spring brings forth a variety of colors, from deep greens leaves to new buds popping up all around. Mother nature sprinkles fresh new colors everywhere we turn. We can also choose to add color pops to our days. Paint your nails a bold new color, wear a bright jacket or even some oversized rose-colored sunglasses! Whichever way you choose to enlighten your days, do it with color! 

spring morning - sun rising over spring meadow

The Crisp, Beautiful Early Mornings 

If you’re an early riser, spring means an early sunrise and more chance to savor the mornings. Wake up early, drink your coffee and enjoy the extra hours of daylight. Also, get outside before heading to work. Consider taking a walk with your puppy, meeting up with friends for an early run, or meditating in the early morning sunshine. 

coffee and flowers on a clear spring morning

We Can Clear Our Minds and Spaces this Spring Season

Finally, leaving winter behind, especially in the Northeast, is a beautiful thing and a welcomed relief. Although winter can be great in so many ways, it can also be a real drain on our energy levels and cause our bodies to become stagnant. Sometimes our minds become overloaded with negativity. Spring gives us a chance to detox our minds and cast fresh eyes on our lives. It’s a time to make new plans, leave the past behind and start the new season with new goals and aspirations with a spring in your step. 

Try Chopra’s spring meditation “come alive this season” to help usher in the promise of new beginnings.

Spring weather is here- sundress season is back

Spring Season Means Warmer Weather is Here to Stay

The warmer weather is what we’ve all been waiting for and what we are probably most excited about! The first day of spring that feels warm enough for us not to wear our hat, gloves, or thick coat feels glorious. Getting the chance to soak up some well-needed vitamin D is one of the best things about spring.  

Spring season in full bloom with bench under pink sakura tree

Garden bench under pink sakura

Welcome the Abundant Beauty of Nature this Spring Season

Spring brings an abundance of delightfully scented wildflowers, filling our noses with delicate aromas. For the green-thumbed amongst us, it’s also the time to get planting! Fill your gardens with wildflowers, fruits, and vegetables. Also, try welcoming the spring season by filling your homes with freshly cut spring bouquets. It’s also the perfect season for spotting wildlife, and everything does seem to come to life, ending hibernation mode for us all!  


Would you like to freshen up your wardrobe?  See Kate’s tips on a spring wardrobe refresh.

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