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Seven Women’s Self Worth Quotes To Celebrate (As Moms, too!)

Do you sometimes wonder if your self-worth could use a bit of a lift? Here are seven women’s self-worth quotes to try and reach for (come along with me!):

1. I embrace my unique story.

There’s a path you’re walking on that’s brought you where you are today. And, if you’re like most people, it’s had its challenges.

Yet, the twists and turns of your journey make you who you are. And embracing your story exactly as it is, sends an empowering message to your daughter.

It says, “I accept myself. Where I came from, the mistakes I’ve made, and the lessons I’ve learned. They’re all part of who I am today. And I like who I am!”

Doesn’t that feel great?

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2. I speak truthfully, even when it’s hard. I work to communicate clearly and honestly.

This reminds me of Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach’s podcast, We Can Do Hard Things. A revolution is happening where we, as a community, can admit things are hard. And then we can validate our ability to do them anyway.

Communicating truthfully is brave and requires ample self-worth.

In describing the strength and clarity of this behavior, Annie Kip says:

“In the plainest way possible, she says what is true for her. She knows that she is only responsible for sharing accurate, truthful information with the people around her – like letting people know her limits and her preferences – but she knows that she can’t control how people react to her statements.”

In other words, you communicate because you matter. Your feelings matter. I think this is an excellent dose of womanly/motherly wisdom.

3. I take full responsibility for my happiness. (Important women’s self-worth quote)

recently wrote about the moment someone becomes a full-fledged adult, and it may just happen when they can make this statement.

This quote liberates. You recognize that your state of being is aligned with how you show up and care for yourself.

Still, this is a hard one for me sometimes. Sometimes I want to blame others for how I’m feeling. But I’ve realized the quicker I remember that I, alone, hold the key to my happiness, the better.

My mood lifts instantly.

As a mom, owning your happiness in this way is a gift to everyone around you.

woman in happy relationship

4. I attract and cultivate healthy relationships. (Key women’s self-worth quote)

Our relationships reflect the value we place upon ourselves. So when I know my worth, I’m unwilling to settle into an unhealthy relationship.

Also, I know that I deserve the uplifting, enriching friendships I have now and more that are on their way.

It’s also about being willing to do the work. When I affirm this statement above, I acknowledge the importance of friendships and make time for them accordingly.

In the partnership area, this one took a while for me to get. 

I needed to see my value and recognize I was worthy of what I desired. 

5. I have so much to offer and enjoy giving generously to others.

When your cup is full, it does runneth over.

And giving becomes a more spiritual offering. You give because you know you have something worthy of offering. You have unique perspectives and qualities that others may appreciate.

Also, you can’t give if you feel you’re in a state of lack. Giving is a natural consequence of connecting with your abundant self. You can feel joyful as you give.

(I love this one for mothers, too.)

confident woman validating herself - self-worth quotes women

6. I don’t look outside of myself for reassurance. I validate myself.

This is a lesson I wished I’d learned as a little girl. When researching Dr. Becky Kennedy’s work, I was touched by the example she shared.

She shared a story about her daughter painting a picture. When she saw the colorful rainbow on the paper, Dr. Becky’s first response was to say something like, “This is so beautiful! I love this!”

Instead, she said, “Tell me about it. What do you like about this painting?”

She teaches that we must instill that sense of self from a young age. What her daughter thinks about her work matters most.

As women and mothers, we can learn this lesson now. And we can take an unchartered path. If we validate and trust ourselves, the sky is the limit!

7. I’m worthy of wonderful new opportunities and experiences. (My favorite women’s self-worth quote)

This one speaks directly to having a solid, secure sense of self-worth.

Worthiness is one of the most critical and under-discussed topics I think about.

Nothing can match your energy or vibration if you don’t feel worthy of receiving it. And I’m not talking about, ‘I think I belong here.’ I’m talking about a deep knowing that you are worthy exactly as you are.

And that everything your heart desires is fair game.

This open mindset also allows you to lighten up and enjoy the ride. Life can become an adventure.

As a mom, this is an empowering feeling to behold.


So, what do you think of these seven quotes? I can say that I don’t feel them all the time, every day. But I like having them as goals and benchmarks worth striving for.

Even if I temporarily lose my way, I’m inspired by knowing that my daughter is watching me. I want to do my best to show her what it looks like to live a life filled with a whole lot of love, especially self-love.

I think that’s the secret sauce.  Do you agree?

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